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Engaging the Growing Hispanic Consumer Base

Engaging the Growing Hispanic Consumer Base

Hispanic consumers overwhelmingly want advertising and brand messaging to reflect their specific interests, according to a FleishmanHillard TRUE poll of Latinos based in the United States.* That’s an important point for brands to remember, because Latino consumers are 29 percent more likely than the general population to find TV advertisements interesting – and 36 percent more likely to be influenced by them. Read on for more about the interests of this growing and influential group of consumers.


Brand value calculations for Hispanics include environmental and social responsibility more than those of the general population. Their perceptions of a brand’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and strong leadership also factor into a brand’s value for Hispanic consumers.


Magazines are of much greater interest to Hispanic consumers than the general population. They are 35 percent more likely to say they “can’t resist” buying magazines, and 28 percent more likely to say they enjoy reading magazine ads. More than a third say magazines are their main source of entertainment. The most read magazines among Latinos are Smartsource, Parade, USA Weekend, People and TIME.



Social media, online advertising and online reviews are less attractive to Hispanic consumers, mostly because they are 46 percent less likely to have Internet access than the general population. That lack of access permeates their online retail experiences.


*May also contain data from Experian Simmons’s National Consumer Study.