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Discovering New Snapchat Ad Offerings


What Happened: Snapchat has begun peeling back the curtains on their advertising capabilities by offering advertisers the ability to select “audience bundles” based on publisher content themes. For example, if an advertiser chooses the “world news and culture-themed package” than their ads will be served on the CNN, Mashable, Vice and National Geographic Discover channels. This has sparked a conversation about Snapchat’s advertising model as their “audience bundles” do not align with the demographic targeting that many advertisers are used to with other social channels and advertising platforms.

 What Does This Mean for Brands: Leveraging the Snapchat’s Discover feature just one way to raise brand awareness to the highly targeted millennial audience. That being said, adding Snapchat into your brand’s toolbox of advertising platforms will require more creative and strategic thinking as well as dollars to match. If a brand does choose to use Snapchat Discover they must think about how their demographic targeting, used on other social platforms, translates into the preselected audience bundles. Additionally, brands must consider if Discover is the appropriate way to leverage Snapchat altogether as many brands opt for geotargeted filters or event-based Live Snapchat Stories to focus UGC and influencer generated storytelling.