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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


What Happened:

Over the past several months, fans of the sprawling Star Wars franchise have been eagerly waiting as new trailers and concept art have slowly leaked onto the Internet and into the hands of consumers. In anticipation of the December 18 premiere, fans and journalists alike flooded the Internet with articles and fan theories about ‘The Force Awakens,” the seventh movie in the franchise, which spans nearly forty years.

What This Means for Brands:

The lure of limited marketing. Although there is exclusive content floating around as well as plenty of trailers to tease and excite fans of the sci-fi juggernaut, little is known about the actual plot of the movie or the roles of many new and old characters. J.J Abrams and crew have been careful not to release anything that spoils the secrets of the upcoming film.

With a franchise as expansive as the universe it’s set in, it can be hard to keep people excited for such a long period of time. The marketing team behind ‘The Force Awakens’ has weaponized the lack of information they’re releasing as a means of stirring up public interest. By keeping several of the key components of the upcoming plot a secret, those behind the new franchise are leveraging their fanatic fan base against limited information and in turn have created a self-sustained stream of fan based content that is seemingly endless.

Big brands can use limited marketing to spur interest in products that have been around a long time as a means of re-igniting interest in their brand. Sometimes the key to spurring public interest isn’t about what you tell the public in a press release or an official statement – it’s what you don’t tell them.