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Ship ‘til You Drop


What Happened: ‘Tis the season of gift giving and receiving… also known as the season of de-cluttering to make room for all of the new items from the holidays that will soon take up nonexistent space in closets everywhere. Goodwill recognized this yearly trend of pre- and post-holiday purging and seized the opportunity. Through its partnership with, Goodwill provides consumers with a simple solution, allowing them to go out with the old and readily welcome the new. This holiday season, shoppers are encouraged to donate their used clothes, household goods and jewelry in four easy steps: Fill out a printable prepaid shipping label on Give Back Box’s website, pack the box the items came in with goods they no longer need, attach the prepaid shipping label to the box and ship it as usual (or have it picked up, free of charge).

 What This Means for Brands: Goodwill has simplified the act of donating by incorporating Give Back Box’s methodology, which transforms shoppers into proactive e-donors of merchandise.

Aside from giving back to those in need, this partnership makes positive strides toward waste reduction and social impact. Every day, online retailers ship about 12 million boxes, resulting in approximately 30 million tons of cardboard that go straight to landfills or recycling. In addition, an average U.S. household contains roughly $7,000 of unwanted and unused items. This program helps to alleviate the need for new boxes and resources for the recycling process while also redirecting billions of pounds of donated goods from landfills to those that live below the poverty level.

Through this model, Goodwill and Give Back Box are able to collaborate further with brands like and Dockers to reach more shoppers, create more prospective donors and provide more goods to the less fortunate. By leveraging online retailers’ e-commerce platforms amidst the most popular shopping season of the year, Goodwill and Give Back Box were able to relevantly insert themselves into an everyday function of brands while making a difference socially, environmentally and economically.