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Social Sailing


What Happened: Caribbean cruise ship sailor Royal Caribbean has taken advertising to a new level. Capitalizing off of the success of the latest social media platforms, Royal Caribbean is introducing digital billboards that will display live Periscope broadcasts from those onboard their cruises. These livestreams are part of the “Come Seek Live” campaign developed by the cruise liner’s ad agency and will feature 13 live broadcasts captured by Periscope influencers in conjunction with Royal Caribbean. The streams will undoubtedly help promote the cruise brand, but the main goal of the campaign is to change the way people view the cruise experience and promote the wide variety of activities, cuisines and cultures found in the different destinations. Royal Caribbean is hoping that this help show consumers “the real Caribbean that Royal Caribbean can bring them.”

What This Means for Brands: With the constantly changing social space, brands are frequently faced with the challenge of deciphering how to utilize each new platform, as it’s introduced, to their advantage. This campaign by Royal Caribbean shows how innovative brands are becoming with their advertising and how they are turning traditional mediums into present day, social ads. The “Come Seek Live” campaign also illustrates how competitive the advertising space has become. Brands have to be increasingly creative with how they’re using social platforms to promote their brands and develop unique ways to exceed consumer expectations in the social space.