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Election Trends: December


Each month until the general election in November, FleishmanHillard TRUE will release a buzz report covering the top candidates on both sides of the aisle. Conducted through FleishmanHillard’s TrueIQ platform, the report identifies which presidential candidates are generating the most conversation on social media. Although this analysis provides interesting topics for discussion, it is important to point out that the analysis does not take sentiment into account sentiment, so we do not claim that this would be representative of poll numbers.


Donald Trump, who had the most buzz in November, maintained his lead with the largest month over month growth rate (80%) in December. Trump earned over a 1.2M mentions the day he called for a ban on Muslim travel to the U.S. While much of the attention was negative, this represents almost as many mentions as Ted Cruz received in all of December, and more than doubled Trump’s mention count the day of the December Republican debate (550K). Elsewhere in the GOP field, Ben Carson has fallen out of the top 3 and has been replaced by a skyrocketing Ted Cruz (44% growth) and Marco Rubio.


On the Democratic side of things, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both saw their buzz grow while Martin O’Malley’s shrunk. The largest conversation driver for all Democrat candidates was the December Democratic debate.


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