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Is This App’s Future Just Peachy or the Pits?


What Happened:

On January 8, Byte Inc. launched Peach in the Apple App Store. The messaging app, self-described as a “fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” spread to early tech adopters and press. Users can share statuses, pictures, location and more, using the service as both a messaging and broadcast-based social app. Content is accessed by opening a user’s profile which includes their stream of updates. “Magic Words” is the key feature that allows users to quickly share various multimedia or information by typing a word. For example, typing “gif” lets users quickly search Giphy’s database to post, or entering “here” will geotag and post your location. Users can find other Peach users by uploading their phone contact list, searching specific usernames, or browsing lists of friends of friends.

What This Means for Brands:

Given the app’s infancy and that there is no search functionality or verified accounts, most brands should take a wait-and-see approach as the platform evolves. Peach users quickly snapped up celebrity and brand usernames, posting satirical, parody or, sometimes, lewd content. While consumer brands haven’t joined yet, media entities such as Mic, Elle Magazine, Merriam-Webster, Mashable, Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue have opened accounts and are posting to the app.

Peach’s entry into an already crowded messaging app space signals that there may be room for multiple players. The app’s onboarding process, Slack-like commands, and overall “slick” interface and functionality are some of the primary reasons cited for its adoption. Though the app has enjoyed quick adoption by tech insiders and the tech news media, some predict that Peach’s trajectory could be similar to Ello or Meerkat – services that quickly gained notoriety before ultimately fizzling in terms of active use and press.