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Off the Field: The Hottest Trends in Super Bowl 2016 Advertising


What Happened:

On Sunday, February 7, millions of eyes will be glued to TV screens as fans cheer on the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers. But for marketers, Super Bowl Sunday brings another type of game: the best way to engage the captive audience of 114+ million people watching. And with technology playing an increasingly important role, commercials are no longer a stand-along engagement vehicle. So, just what are the hottest trends in omnichannel engagement surrounding the 2016 Super Bowl?

What This Means for Brands:

Live-streaming: Between Facebook Live, Meerkat and Periscope, marketers will look to utilize these live streaming channels to engage audiences with content via a second screen. Unlike YouTube content, which has a finite amount of time, live streaming has no set deadline, allowing marketers to engage audiences with exclusive content for longer periods of time.

Immersive advertising by way of VR and 360 degree video: This year, advertisers will look to get viewers to actually feel like they’re in the game or commercial by creating immersive 360 degree video content – an opportunity to capture smaller, intimate moments or content that traditional cameras may have missed.

Multichannel engagement: As a way to solicit viewer participation (rather than passive viewing) in this year’s commercials, we’ll likely see two-part serial ads that will allow viewers to cast their vote for the commercial’s ending via text messaging. The winning ending will be aired later in the game and promoted via the brand’s social channels, each leading to brand mentions and social engagement.

Either way, omnichannel engagement will be the Vince Lombardi Trophy for marketers during the 2016 Super Bowl as viewers – both in the stadium at home – watch live steaming content, cast their vote on commercials, consume supplemental 360 degree video content or provide online commentary on their favorite commercials with their social circles.