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Election Trends: January


With the campaign trail heating up, FleishmanHillard TRUE will be releasing a buzz report each month for the top U.S. presidential candidates in each party. This analysis is conducted through FleishmanHillard’s TrueIQ platform and will help identify the candidates that are being talked about on social media. This analysis aims to provide insights and observations, but it is worth noting that the analysis does not take into account sentiment, so we are not claiming that this would be representative of poll numbers.


The candidate with the largest movement on our buzz chart was Bernie Sanders, who more than doubled his December mentions (106% growth) and pulled to within one percent of fellow Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, in overall share of voice. While Clinton edged Sanders for the month, Sanders has been trending up. In the time period from the January 18th Democratic debate until the end of the month, Sanders had 8% more mentions than Clinton.


On the other side of the aisle, Donald Trump had 6% less mentions than he did in December, Ted Cruz doubled his mentions, and Marco Rubio’s mention count rose by 68%. While Trump’s mention total did slide, he still maintains almost more buzz than all other candidates put together. The three day holdout from the January 28th debate (1.5M mentions) netted more mentions than Rubio did the entire month.


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