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Tasty Texts


What Happened:

Fooji, a start-up that delivers meals based off a food emoji either tweeted to their handle or texted to their number, is partnering with brands to deliver meals to customers. The company has called its offering an “adventurous foodie’s dream,” as Fooji gets to take creative liberties when interpreting the emoji a user sends. Customers are not able to control where their meal is ordered from or how the meal is prepared. Fooji partners with local restaurants in the markets that it services, as well as GrubHub, to help fulfill the orders placed. All meals cost a flat rate of $15; however, Fooji has recently been partnering with brands to give food to the masses for free. Right now, Fooji is available for residents of New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. With brand partnerships, these boundaries can be expanded to other areas.

What This Means for Brands: 

To promote the new movie “How to be Single,” Warner Bros. sent free Chinese food to anyone who tweeted using the noodle emoji and a promotional hashtag on New Year’s Day. A couple of weeks later, Fooji and Warner Bros. sent pizza and breadsticks to users tweeting the hashtag with the pizza emoji.

This year, Fooji will be partnering with universities and restaurants including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Raising Canes, Chipotle and Goodfellas to bring fast food to campuses on demand. Fooji has also partnered with floral delivery companies to send bouquets and arrangements to users who tweet or text and of the flower emojis.

Before Fooji, one of the quickest and most direct ways to surprise and delight Twitter users was with Tweet-a-Coffee. Fooji is similar in that the surprise does not require a lengthy dialogue with a social user in order to be sent, and is universal in that, like coffee, most everyone enjoys free food.