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Geofilters Whenever, Wherever


What happened:

Snapchat recently announced a new feature that allows any user to purchase a custom Geofilter. Geofilters are a tool that the app’s users have access to in certain geographic areas. They overlay an image on top of a user’s photo, and can include words or images. Until now, Snapchat’s guidelines only allowed companies to create expensive, large-scale sponsored geofilters. On-demand Geofilters will be smaller in scale, and available for all users to purchase.

There are no current restrictions on what events qualify outside of the general advertising policies for the platform. Pricing is based on multiple factors, including size of the area the Geofilter will be shown, location and duration. Limitations include a minimum of a 20,000 square foot distribution area for a one-hour duration, and a maximum 5,000,000 square foot distribution area for 30 days. Price ranges start at $5 and reach upwards of $100,000.

What this means for brands:

Agencies and brands can now custom design Geofilters for specific events and campaigns. Each Geofilter allows for a brand to use its logo and other assets on top of a user’s organic content. Customization features ensure that the Geofilter is shown to a specific audience, maximizing the ROI. Geofilters also encourage users to send more photos. Campaigns and events can use the on-demand Geofilters to engage younger users on an emerging and successful platform.

Brands looking to create their own Geofilters should keep some aspects of the new feature. Firstly, brands should prepare early, as the Geofilter idea needs to be submitted for approval at least a few days before an event. Secondly, Snapchat has not released a method for measuring the use of on-demand Geofilters, making it difficult to measure engagement.