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Taco Bell Takes a “Tasty” Twist


What happened:

Quick, one minute recipe videos have had a strong presence on social media over the past year. The extremely popular videos have been a win for foodies, and are now becoming a win for brands. Last week, Taco Bell unveiled their new $1 breakfast menu on Instagram via a recipe video… with a twist. What starts as a traditional step-by-step recipe ends with a shot of Taco Bell breakfast items with the text “Yeah, You Could Do This. Or You Could Get This For $1.”

What this means for brands:

Taco Bell took a popular social trend and transformed it in a playful way to promote their new $1 breakfast menu. The popularity of recipe videos is undeniable. Buzzfeed-created “Tasty” videos have been a driving factor in this popularity, with over 45 million Facebook likes and large amounts of shares. Taco Bell saw this trend as an opportunity to dive into the phenomena without losing their identity as a fast food chain. Taco Bell is known for being quick and inexpensive, and those attributes are highlighted in these Instagram ads. You could spend extensive amounts of time and money on buying ingredients and cooking, or you could drive to the local Taco Bell and have breakfast in minutes for only $1. These ads show that brands can join in on popular social trends, as long as they align with a brand’s identity and key messages.