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Real Women Want Organic Valley


What happened:

Organic Valley’s new “Real Morning Report” campaign behind their line of organic balance protein shakes is all about how real women get ready in the morning. Earlier this year, SoundView Research conducted a study on full-time working women in America ages 25-54. The survey asked various questions to find out what their morning routines are like – such as if they have ever skipped breakfast or re-worn dirty clothes. The research showed that women who work full-time don’t have time to do much in the morning. What do they have time for? A quick and easy breakfast in the form of a protein shake.

What this means for brands:

Many commercials you see that feature women getting ready in the morning show them perfectly put together, making breakfast for the family, going to the gym, etc. Though that may be true for some, research shows that most women don’t have time for that.

Organic Valley’s “Real Morning Report” campaign shows that sometimes it works to be realistic. The goal behind this campaign was not to change people’s cultural perceptions of how women’s lives are portrayed in advertisements versus in real life, though that may happen. Instead, the company wanted to be humorous while also depicting the crazy reality of a working woman’s life, particularly in the morning. They also wanted to give people a reason to quickly grab one of their protein shakes instead of something else that may take more time. What they came up with was a hilarious 90-second advertisement showing why Organic Valley’s protein shakes are the best way to start your day.