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A Scientist, A Stylist and An Artist Walk Into A Bar…


What happened:

What do Bill Nye, Rachel Zoe and Hebru Brantley all have in common? At first glance, the answer appears to be absolutely nothing. Thanks to Barilla, the three icons in their respective industries now share a common thread: a “Passion for Pasta.” Barilla’s new video series starring YouTube maven Hannah Hart begins with Nye, Zoe and Brantley chatting about their passions and concludes, of course, with each celebrity eating pasta. The videos tie into Barilla’s newest campaign, which highlights pasta’s ability to bring people together and inspire creativity.


What this means for brands:

It’s cliché but true, brands must think outside of the (pasta) box when creating content and deciding who will represent their products. When consumers think of pasta, they think of chefs, foodies and families. While food bloggers and celebrity chefs would have made perfect influencers for this campaign, Barilla proved that sometime outliers provide the greatest outcomes. Upon first inspection this trio might seem unusual, but Barilla maintained a key message of passion throughout each video. This commonality created a connection that flowed throughout the series, and showed superior planning on their part. And by tapping into each celebrity’s fan base, Barilla engaged three audiences that are looking at penne in a brand new light: as a chosen food of their favorite stars. Many brands could learn to take a page out of Barilla’s book – whether that book be about science, fashion or art.