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Selfie Success


What happened:

Over 1 million selfies are taken every day. Now, consumers have the opportunity to be paid for the popular and ever growing photo trend. In September 2015, the Chicago-based “Pay Your Selfie” app was released, providing a unique service for both brands and consumers. The app has generated over 100,000 users and has generated 500,000+ photos, all in which people are being paid to post. Users are paid when they take photos with requested brands, and the brands receive unprecedented consumer information.

What this means for brands:

“Pay Your Selfie” collects data from each selfie posted. Brands can use this information to see who is using their products, what time they are being used and how people interact with the different items. Additionally, the information can be strategically used to market and advertise to consumers. The app allows for companies to directly see their consumers and take a step into their daily lives. From the selfies, brands can see product interactions and help identify issues people are having with certain items.

Users are paid up to $1 for their posts, an investment that is well worth it for brands. The information gathered on “Pay Your Selfie” can help companies work smarter to reach their consumers and stay current on a popular culture fad.