Embrace the Change and the Young Will Embrace You

June 27, 2016


A lot has already been written about this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the trends that came through and the awards given. As prevalent as anything was discussion on the growth and empowerment of young creative talent. How do you attract and then stimulate the best new minds out there?

The PR game is continually evolving, as we all know, but some themes are constant – innovation and change. Agencies need to use these themes to their advantage. Getting the job isn’t enough for young graduates anymore. They want to know that their potential employer is committed to embracing the newest methods of communication, and isn’t just relying on staid, tried and tested techniques. More than that, they want to know that their voice will be heard and their knowledge of new trends championed, not quashed.

In terms of what was on the tongues of those participating in panels and talks at Cannes Lions 2016, it goes without saying that the current new method of communication is Immersive Experience. Whether that’s Volvo giving Instagram users the chance to take a Thumb Ride through a variety of US cities, RYOT bringing the news to the world in 360° or Samsung taking Lions attendees on a rollercoaster ride, the story remains the same – it’s time to go beyond the frame. Just look at the quieting of text-based social media networks like Twitter, and the rise of unedited POV, in-the-moment video coverage tools like Snapchat to see that even without new tech, this isn’t just point of view but fact.

Specifically in terms of 360° video and VR, whether this is just another flash in the pan trend reserved for audiences who sit in the Innovator and Early Adopter phases of the Innovation Curve, or something that will transfer into the Late Majority mainstream, is yet to be seen. But at what cost do we wait for this to happen? If we are to show not only our clients and the industry, but also younger generations that we are truly at the forefront of communication, it is a simple fact that we can’t wait.

Let’s not follow, but lead. Challenge ourselves to think outside the frame into new mediums. Embrace change and, most importantly, not just be inspired, but be inspirational. If we can do these things we stand in fantastic stead to not only do great work ourselves, but also to bring the best in young minds to our table and allow them flourish and perhaps to even teach us a few things.