Shaking Up The World With The Right Influencer

June 21, 2016


The FleishmanHillard team at Cannes was extremely excited to host their panel ‘Brands, Artists, Activists: Shaking Up the World,’ today at the House of PR hosted by ICCO. It’s not every day you have YouTube star Prince Ea present to talk about the best way artists and brands can work together with FleishmanHillard’s very own Miker Stovall and Sean DallasKidd.


Left to right: Miker Stovall, Prince Ea, Sean DallasKidd, Lynne Anne Davis

The panel, moderated by Lynne Anne Davis, FleishmanHillard’s president of APAC, kicked off the discussion by highlighting how we are seeing more brands work with artists and activists like Prince Ea to create content and execute powerful programs.

A few themes that resonated with the audience was the ability to identify the right content creator and the ability to trust them to make authentic content for your brand. Unlike hiring celebrities to just read off a script, the ability to identify the right artist to work with is extremely important. For example, when working on client Avaya’s #LoseTheLingo program, Sean DallasKidd, from FleishmanHillard’s San Francisco office, stressed that being able to identifying comedians Tripp & Tyler as the people to work with really paid off in the end. They were able to really understand the tone of the campaign and their true talent shined when they were able to improvise on set.

ICCO panel_1

This is something that agencies and brands must feel comfortable doing. Brands must be ready to trust the content creator to execute their craft. Miker Stovall said that while working with Prince Ea on the #fuelyourhustle campaign with client Chevy, he let him “work his magic.” That trust allowed everyone to work together to create one of the most successful branded social content pieces of the last year for Chevy.

At the end of the day, brands need to work with content creators who really love what they do and the content they make. Near the end of the discussion, Prince Ea said, “I want to be able to touch people’s hearts [with my work] rather than be famous.” It’s no wonder why he has over 500 million views on YouTube and Facebook.