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Insta-Job: Using Instagram to Boost Your Career


What Happened: Influencers Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovich, creators of Club Fashionista and Amra & Elma, claim that more casual platforms like Instagram can be used to create and host personal brands to advance your career. It has become standard for employers to “background check” a potential employee’s social presence to verify qualifications and check professionalism, and the Beganovichs recommend tailoring your social image to showcase your skills and give insight into your personality so that your Instagram account acts as a supplemental resume for employers.

What this Means for Brands: With the growing prevalence of professional networking and portfolio-hosting websites, creating a personal brand online has moved from an extra step to a necessity for professional growth. While Instagram has established itself as the platform where visual brands rule, it may soon become an entirely different space as more individuals curate their images for professional use. Now, posting a photo of a creative outfit and tagging Christian Louboutin may be more about getting the company hiring manager to see you frequently wear their shoes and are in tune with the brand, and less about showing off to your friends how fashionable you are. Big shifts like this in how users take advantage of the platform illustrate how necessary it is for brands to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in social media. This includes changes other than the platform’s regular updates or reboots. Much like Buzzfeed’s transition from a comedy-sharing portal to a widely-used news source, Instagram could become more of an image-broadcasting space than a photo-sharing app, and brands need to capitalize on that.