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Keep It Personal


What happened:

As alternative messaging apps begin to grow in popularity, private SMS communication platforms are becoming an effective medium for brands to market on. Epsilon, a Dallas-based marketing group, recently released a study exploring the opportunity brands have to capitalize on this shift in communication. From public content sharing on social media to a more intimate method of sharing, this change in consumer behavior will directly impact how marketers target consumers.

 What this means for brands:

As a result of this shift, the way in which brands approach how they connect with consumers on a daily basis will drastically change.

 The study showed that messenger apps, such as social media messenger platforms and Snapchat, are used much more frequently than more traditional methods. It was also reported that over three-quarters of boomers and 84 percent of Millennials are more likely to make purchases via messaging apps using PayPal, as opposed to new alternative payment methods such as Venmo (five percent Millennials). In addition, consumers are increasingly interested in receiving advertising and promotions via social media messaging apps.

 Thus, consumers, in fact, do not mind engaging with brands over messaging apps, and marketers have an opportunity to tap into this medium to reach consumers in a new and effective way.