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From Momentary to Memorable: Snapchat Offers New Memory Feature to Users


What happened:

For the past few years Snapchat has been the go to platform for taking fun photos and quick videos that disappear in 24 hours or less. This is no longer the case. On July 6, Snapchat unveiled a new feature called Memories. Memories gives users way to save their favorite snaps and stories on Snapchat and allows users to save or back up snaps for future use and sharing. Other capabilities of the Memories feature include ways to search for saved snaps, edit old snaps, upload photos from your camera roll to Snapchat Memories. There is also a My Eyes Only option for Memories which is a passcode protected section of the app for private photos or videos.

What this means for brands:

With the new Memories feature, Snapchat is embracing its future. Its status as the default messaging app for most teens and young adults combined with its increasing appeal to older generations has made Snapchat the place to capture moments in time.

The Memories update also illustrates the importance of geofilters and their reach. Users can now change geofilters on their saved photos which, thanks to the Memories feature, gives brands the opportunity for low cost advertising. This is a great opportunity for brands to take to create fun and memorable geofilters that consumers want to use.

Consumers are constantly changing how they utilize mobile apps and it is important for brands to take note. The enthusiasm and positive reactions surrounding Snapchat Memories show it can be beneficial for brands to think beyond the model they have established to a place where users want them to go.