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An Unforgettable Treasure Hunt


What happened:

Whiskey connoisseurs know barrel-aging is responsible for the two signature characteristics of a whiskey: color and flavor. What better way is there for Jack Daniel’s to ring in its 150th anniversary than with the timeless symbol of whiskey—the barrel.

To celebrate this milestone, the company is hosting The Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt, a scavenger hunt hiding 150 barrels in more than 50 countries around the globe. Throughout the summer, the barrels will be hidden at various historic and cultural sites, and Jack Daniel’s will post clues tied to the history of each region on its local social media pages. Each barrel will be filled with prizes and monitored by a barrel guard who must be presented with a password from the clue.

As each city changed and made their own history, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has remained the same. This celebratory event ties in Jack Daniel’s broader brand message of timelessness, while engaging customers and communicating that our world – and each of its cities – is evolving.

What this means for brands:

Despite a company’s size or reach, customers want to feel a genuine connection with their favorite brands. Jack Daniel’s went to great lengths to form this link.

The brand identified a common denominator – history – among its customers and carefully extended it across the globe, crafting customized content around the history of the chosen regions. As an added value, customers intrigued by the hunt will follow Jack Daniel’s on social media to uncover clues, and in turn, the company will share insights into the brand and potentially capture these new followers for the long-run.

Global brands can echo Jack Daniel’s efforts by identifying not only their customers’ similarities, but also their unique differences. Jack Daniel’s newest campaign reminds us to emphasize real-world engagement as our whiskey-loving friends across the world begin their pursuit of the hidden barrels.