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What happened:

When NPR prepared for the second season of its podcast “Invisibilia,” they had one question: How are we going to market it? Podcasts have historically been limited in their marketability because of their format. NPR’s goal was to garner a large amount of attention for the podcast, which uses human stories to explore the mysteries of the mind, in a short amount of time. To acquire listeners, NPR threw more than 200 listening parties in 32 states and three countries. They also turned to social media to launch videos on Facebook Live, and created articles, artwork and video content that could be shared across various channels on

What this means for brands:

NPR’s work for the second season of “Invisibilia” is a great example of how you truly can market anything, you just have to know how. Rather than letting the product control the process, NPR simply made the process their own. With the listening parties, they were able to create a book club-meets-radio style event. In the social media realm, they used content to tell the story. NPR also reached listeners through newsletters that were available only on the NPR One app, and which featured updates, bonus content and coloring pages.

NPR’s marketing focused on the fact that in today’s world of social media and technology, consumers value a direct relationship with brands and products they use. Through their use of interactive content and experiences, NPR was able to drum up excitement for a product that is often consumed on an individual basis. Thanks to NPR’s marketing endeavors, “Invisibilia” has reached 10 million downloads so far, proving that you can successfully market podcasts.