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Dogs (and cats) of Instagram


What happened:
Social media has not only changed how we communicate, it has paved the way for positive change all over the world. Before the rise of social media, lesser known nonprofits had very few cost-effective options to get their message out there. That is no longer the case, and man’s best friend is feeling the love. Animal shelters are using social media to share adorable photos of kittens and puppies, and give followers an inside look into the lives of shelter animals. According to Claire Garth of the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, the average time an animal spends in their shelter is currently 10 days, and many attribute this decreased stay to the rise of social media.  This behind-the-scenes glimpse encourages followers to donate, volunteer and adopt.

What this means for brands:
Just as social media helps spread the word of animals needing homes, brands have long been using social media to communicate their key messages while saving money. But, what has made these shelters so successful online? Telling the right story is critical, and many animal shelters have found that keeping the message positive as opposed to sad helps get pets adopted. Incorporating feel good stories into a brand’s social media plan can engage followers and make them feel good about what the brand is doing. We all know that including an adorable image with your content won’t hurt either!