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Little Voices, Big Ideas


What happened:

The lucrative back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and brands are trying to create campaigns that resonate with young people. To make sure its back-to-school ads connect with kids, Target put the kids themselves in charge. Students do more than just star in the seven spots scheduled to air on TV beginning July 31. Seven writers ages 8 to 11 developed storyboards for each ad, and three directors ages 13 to 17 directed the shoot. Kids also illustrated the sets. Even the music was kid-sourced—girls from the band L2M recorded songs for the campaign.

What this means for brands:

When devising messages for an audience, it is important that members of that audience participate in the creation of the content—even if they are kids.

Often, the people who are most able to connect with the target audience are members of the target audience themselves. When they are included in the campaign’s creative process and production, the campaign has a better chance of making an impact. Target realized no one understands kids better than kids. By welcoming their voices, Target ensured its ads would be more effective.

Additionally, inviting others to brainstorm and develop campaigns brings fresh perspectives and original ideas to the table. It also demonstrates that brands care about their audiences and that they are interested in hearing what members have to say.