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The Power of Social Engagement


What happened:

As the social media landscape expands, brands are learning more about new ways to get to know their consumers. AffinityAnswers, the first industry platform for predictive branding, released their findings of the top social affinities of the 2016 political race, showing just how powerful social engagement measurement can be.

Social affinities, a form of social engagement measurement, are algorithm-based and used to measure engagement behaviors of social users. These behaviors include commenting, photo posting and retweeting. Unlike social listening, social affinities can measure the intensity of engagement between candidates and their potential voters.

From brands to TV shows to celebrities, this tool enabled AffinityAnswers to share some unpredictable preferences of each political candidate’s social base. They found that the musical artist most engaged by Trump followers is Kanye West, while Beyoncé is the artist most engaged by Clinton supporters. Other top 2016 social affinities include Starbucks, Toyota and Saturday Night Live for Clinton and McDonald’s, West Coast Choppers and Sports Center for Trump.

What this means for brands:

Just as voter preferences were identified based on the 2016 political candidates, brands also have the opportunity to identify their customers’ preferences through social media.

While social engagement tools can vary greatly, using different methodologies and algorithms, these tools offer an interesting starting point when getting to know a brand’s followers. These tools have the ability uncover follower preferences – such as Kanye with Trump – that may not have been considered before.

Social engagement measurement tools can help brands better understand their followers and react accordingly. Brands can identify which preferences would be helpful when connecting with customers and use this information to tailor content and campaigns. As social media continues to grow, the insight from hundreds of millions of social users will help brands form strong connections with their customers.