The Art of Holding the Human Attention Span

September 22, 2016


Time is one of our most valuable possessions. We can never seem to find enough of it, and we hate to waste it. And because of this, it’s often difficult to really capture our complete focus and attention, because that requires our time. Once we’re hooked though, we are suddenly willing to give up lots of our time. So what are the components of great storytelling that actually hook us and keep us engaged?

In the downloadable PDF, you’ll find the most recent installment of our Industry Snack series, “The Art of Holding the Human Attention Span,” which explores the ways in which attention is best captured and held. It looks at a few pop-culture examples which unexpectedly held our attention. Then we’ll attach a brand layer to see what learnings marketers can take away from these examples. Understanding not only how to capture attention, but how to really hold it, is an important ingredient in building relationships with consumers of our content.