The Age of the Media Artisan

October 3, 2016


I cringe when I see the word artisan.  It’s over-used and applied liberally when there is no evidence of real craft.  I saw a large property company recently claiming their development was artisanal and the mind boggled.

However, it is a word we could think about applying to aspects of the PR profession: the ability to craft something in small quantities that has real intrinsic value.

There has been a lot of talk about what is needed in the universe of new Public Relations. Certainly, creativity and content development skills are critical.  As is a good dose of commonsense.  One thing we lose at our peril, however, is excellent media relations skills. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, with newspaper readership continuing to drop, the ability to craft good story angles, develop media strategies that ensure the right people are targeted with the right message, and negotiate with media based on a mutual appreciation of what is news, has never been more important.

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