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Spectacles to Offer Hands Free Video Snaps


What happened:

Snap Inc., owner of Snapchat, released sunglasses called Spectacles, which record video from the wearer’s perspective on an integrated camera. Snap Inc. will be placing “Snapbots” (interactive vending machines) around the country. Snapbot offers previews of Spectacles video footage, sample experiences on a digital screen, and allows users to see a pair of Spectacles on their face. Users can immediately buy Spectacles for $130, with fully loaded battery power, allowing them to instantly share first-person videos on their Snapchat account. Snapbots will be the only retail distribution for months, and you can visit to find where Snapbots will appear next on a day-to-day basis.

What this means for brands:

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps among Millennials, and many brands and companies have joined the app as a way to gain more exposure and popularity among its users. However, companies and brands should be aware of the platform’s continuous updates and changes. Brands should also be mindful of Snap Inc.’s new Spectacles and their different sales attempt. Snap Inc. is attempting a unique sales technique by only selling their Spectacles in these Snapbots and only placing a certain amount of Snapbots around the country. This exclusivity and sense of urgency could drive sales, and other brands should monitor Snap Inc.’s success with this sales technique. Interactive vending machines could be the way of the future and the best ways for brands, especially technology brands, to interact with customers and increase sales, especially among Millennials. As Snap Inc. and Snapchat continue to grow in popularity, the right companies should consider joining forces with the company or finding new ways to compete with them.