What to Know about Instagram’s New Paid Partner Tagging

July 7, 2017


Instagram will soon display a “paid partnership” tag on creator posts and stories indicating when a post from an influencer has been paid for by a brand. First rumored to be released in March of this year, the tag is similar to Facebook’s branded content tool.

Creators will tag the brand they are partnering on the “new post” page, before publishing partner content. The tag will live as a link to the partner’s Instagram account below the poster’s username, in the space where location tags are often seen. The tagging function will roll out among a small number of creators while Instagram works to improve the features, with a wider roll out coming once Instagram has collected enough feedback to create an official paid partnership policy. Celebrities will be included in the mix of creators who receive access to the new tagging capability.

This new feature allows both the creator and the partner to access insights and analytics for the posts. Reach and engagement metrics will be shared with the partnered brands when they are tagged in an influencer’s post, which can be seen on the brand’s Facebook Page Manager.

While Instagram did not consult with the FTC for this change, it does follow previously defined best practices in making it easier for consumers to determine what posts on Instagram are paid partnerships. With the new feature, previous sponsorship methods that required the variations of #ad or #sponsored in the post’s caption may no longer be necessary. But for now, proceed with caution: until the official policy is released, continue to follow current tagging requirements.