What You Need to Know about Snap Map

July 7, 2017


The Snap Map is a new function within Snapchat that helps users find content and friends based on location. It allows users to share their location with friends, find content based on location and see specific areas with a high concentration of snaps being sent.

To access the Snap Map, users pinch two fingers in a “zoom out” motion on their screen. A map will appear featuring the Bitmojis of any nearby friends. Continuing to zoom out makes a larger part of the map visible. Tapping on a Bitmoji shows that user’s Snapchat story. If a user has not chosen to be showcased on the Snap Map, they will stay in “Ghost Mode” with their location not shared until they opt in.

In addition to friends’ stories, users can also view community and event stories by location. Event stories are shown as bubbles with labels and community stories are compilations that can be found in areas with a high concentration of snaps, identified by red orbs on the screen.

Rather than searching by text for stories, the Snap Map allows users to see where things are “snappening” at a glance, opening up possibilities for further integrating Snapchat into events and marketing activations.

Brands can be added to community stories by submitting content to the particular area’s “Our Story” option. If selected, the content would be viewable by anyone on Snapchat (not just friends), as long as they chose to view the story for that area or event. This feature can literally put a brand on the map and allows friends to track how and where the brand moves.

However, while the Snap App feature paves the way for Snapchat to allow location-based promoted Stories, ads are not yet a part of the new functionality.