Vote Now for FleishmanHillard’s SXSW Panel Submissions

August 10, 2017


FleishmanHillard has six panels in the running to be a part of 2018’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. Vote now for any and all that you’d like to see featured next March!

Panel Descriptions:

Rage Against the Technology

We suck. Brand noise is high. Brand trust is low. Brands, comfortable with social/emerging tech, incorporate these technologies in campaigns that end up being too cute and smart. Consumers just want to be served. We should stop being cute and realize this isn’t about mastering technology, but mastering relationships. We’ll explore the role of technology in human/brand relationships, and ultimately why trust, fun and love always win.

Communicating in the Post Screen Era

We are at the point of convergence of new media. We have told stories on screens for the last few decades. We have adapted to social and mobile but where do we begin when engagement moves past the screen.

Chasing Reach is a Budget Killer

Sometimes, bigger is not always better. Especially when we care about reaching Jason, Leslie, Maria and Tim, not reaching all millennial parents who may or may not be interested in your product or message. We’ll explore how a relationship and content-driven approach to paid social campaigns can drive visibility and impact among the audiences that matter most to your brand, while ensuring the greatest bang for your buck.

Will You Still Be Relevant in Five Years?

Technology advances in the next few years will fundamentally shift social/digital marketing and how brands interact with their customers. AI is already starting to automate everything from content creation and customization to customer service and community management. Are you prepared for what’s next? Social strategy experts from three Fortune 500 category leaders will talk about how they’re investing in talent, technology and techniques to prepare for the next major digital disruption.

The Real Frontlines of Today’s Cyberwar

In a brave new world where extraordinary and catastrophic cyber threats loom in the headlines, the single most significant danger to corporations, small businesses and individual Americans is much more mundane: phishing. IoT and crypto currency are a reality, but phishing is what keeps CSOs awake. As the threat environment grows exponentially, American institutions, companies and individuals must begin by facing the mundane: how do we better understand phishing attacks in order to prevent them?