How to Press for Progress Every Day

March 14, 2018


This year, in the midst of revolutionary campaigns and monumental activism and advocacy, the global momentum for gender parity is more powerful than ever. The change is tangible, and the need for continued progress evident. This March, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, we are called to both action and reflection.

 In that context, I’ve been deliberately contemplating my contributions, particularly as a female executive and as a mom. Though uniquely different, both are leadership roles with incredible responsibilities and opportunities. I have realized that it is mostly our sense of self-worth that is constantly guiding our approach, our decisions, our control, and ultimately the belief that we can make a difference. It is from there that we live authentically, and we clearly see the opportunities to impact lives and influence futures.

I find endless reward in empowering and supporting women through mentorship, to encourage female executives to realize the value of their contributions. The moment we truly believe in ourselves, we are encouraged to pursue our passions, we welcome failure, and we are empowered to support and celebrate others. I believe in the power of self-advocacy and the wave of impact each individual contributes to the larger conversation and the collective effort.

There is a sometimes subtle, yet powerful, undercurrent that our individual roles and mindset create, and it is in those meaningful, necessary and simple ways we can each #pressforprogress every day. Advocate for opportunities for other women; be intentional with support and speak-up when someone has momentarily lost their voice; take the extra 30 minutes after work hours for a much-needed pep talk; share the note of encouragement; celebrate every success. In some ways, it is those smaller, everyday contributions that create a force field in honor of the pioneers of the past and the change-makers of today.

In Women’s History Month, and every day, we can each do our part beginning with self-love. For ourselves. For our daughters. For our colleagues. For our communities. For all women.