One-to-One Empowerment

June 22, 2018


As my Cannes Lions experience draws to a close on the last day of the Festival, I feel quite like I just consumed a magical creative elixir that’s now coursing through my veins. And, no, I’m not referring to the rosé. Unlike my daily industry news feeds that keep me apprised of the best brand and consumer work, there’s just something entirely different about being in the thick of it and watching it unfold IRL. The content and conversations consume you. At every turn is a new discovery, a perspective-shifting panel, or a unique sensory experience. You witness firsthand the emerging trends, you contribute to the discussions, and you help shape what’s next. It’s equal parts humbling and… empowering.

Using empowering as a jumping off point, my favorite work this year was done by brands who empowered customers through one-to-one interactions. It was response-driven and relationship-building creativity at its finest. These campaigns demonstrated the power in the pursuit and application of customer relationships. Proof that when brands get into the psyche of their customers and truly understand their behavior, they can unlock personal interactions that are unique and special. With that in mind, here are two that I really sparked to. The jurors did, too. Each one took home gold. Enjoy!

Exclusive the Rainbow

Skittles created a real, epic Super Bowl ad, but only showed it to one single person – their biggest fan – a California teen named Marcos Menendez. View the case here.

BVG X Adidas The Ticket Shoe

This shoe that became the yearly train ticket for all the cool kids in Berlin. Empowering a legitimate brand interaction on every single commute.