Driving Diversity and Social Good at Day Two of Money20/20 USA

October 23, 2018


“I encourage everyone in the room to embrace inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. It will propel your company to the next level.” – Tracey Davies, President, Money20/20

From social good to banking and personal finance, Money20/20 USA (client) audience members were reminded how fintech and the financial system, more broadly, can make a measurable impact on people’s lives.

Day 2 Highlights

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, was one of the many inspiring speakers at Day Two of Money2020. Dedicated to female financial advancement, Krawcheck spoke about the need to close the investment gap for women and drive diversity in the workplace. She said, “the truth is – hire what the population looks like if you want to do business with the population.”

We heard from Bill Ready, COO of PayPal, on how the financial services industry can work together to increase access for small businesses by helping bring them into the digital economy. This way, Ready explained, they can continue to be the drivers of jobs, innovation, and diversity.

This year’s Feedzai Frontier speaker series featured the legendary Sir Richard Branson, who recently launched Virgin Money, a U.K.-based bank and financial services company. Branson encouraged attendees to persevere through setbacks and embrace the power of entrepreneurism to improve people’s lives around the world. “I never thought of my entrepreneurial career as building a business. I’ve seen situations in life that have frustrated me and I thought ‘screw this, I can do it better.’”

Are We There Yet? 

Tonight, we’re excited to be hosting an important conversation with Money20/20 about achieving gender parity in financial services. “Are We There Yet?” will dissect findings from Money20/20’s recent Rise Up survey, which explores what the financial services industry thinks of women’s opportunities for growth in the workplace.

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