The Money Revolution Begins

October 22, 2018


The FleishmanHillard team kicked off its first day as agency of record for Money20/20 USA yesterday – an anchor event on the payments industry calendar, where more than 8,000 leaders, innovators and disruptors unite to drive change and revolutionize the future of money.

Since its founding in 2012, this premier industry conference has expanded into Europe and China, continuing to serve as a forum where the growing fintech, payments and financial services industries can convene and connect.

This year’s theme, The Money Revolution, includes five keynote themes: Blockchain; Social Good; Revolutionaries; Banking; and Next Gen Commerce. Money20/20 attendees will have the chance to hear from 200 CEOs and founders on the agenda, attend 160 sessions and mingle with more than 300 media attendees.

Throughout the next few days, FleishmanHillard and its VOX colleagues will be on the ground reporting key happenings and insights discussed during the panels.

Stay tuned, and be sure to follow @Money2020 for ongoing updates.


“What’s your role in the financial services industry?”

“Are you bettering yourself and others?”

These were just a few of the hard-hitting questions asked during day one of Money20/20. Audience members were encouraged to embrace their opportunity to serve and connect much wider segments of society.

Select highlights included:

Frank Cooper III – Senior Managing Director and Global Chief Marketing Officer, BlackRock

  • “In our industry and cultural discourse we’ve disconnected money from wellbeing entirely. Wealth is a set of behaviors and a way of thinking that allows you to move forward – no matter your circumstances.”
  • “We need to bring a different level of empathy to our business practices and leverage technology to mitigate human shortcomings and bias.”

Claire Hughes Johnson – Chief Operating Officer, Stripe

  • “It’s important to remember that our time isn’t free. The internet should be an equalizing force, a diverse and vibrant place that allows for innovation.”
  • “Moving from the attention economy to the value economy will not be easy – we all have a role to play. The time has come to grow the GDP of the internet together.”

John Hope Bryant – Founder, Chairman and CEO, Operation HOPE

  • “Whatever you were told about poverty is wrong – half of poverty is low self-esteem and low confidence.”
  • “All of our problems in America are 500 credit score neighborhoods.”