Realizing Our Commitment to Inclusion Inside and Outside of FleishmanHillard

October 16, 2018

by Ashley Cook

As communication professionals, we’re immersed in conversations around complex social, political and cultural issues ranging from health inequity to race relations, and much more. At FleishmanHillard, our colleagues united to make a collective impact on social inclusion, through our volunteer and pro bono initiative, FH4Inclusion. Internally and externally, we hope to spark socially inclusive conversations and action.

Our commitment to social inclusion doesn’t stop at our office’s walls. As part of FH4Inclusion, I, along with the FleishmanHillard San Francisco 2018 Summer Interns carried on FleishmanHillard’s tradition of embracing inclusivity through our work with D-Rev. Based in San Francisco, D-Rev is a design-for-good organization specializing in the development and distribution of affordable medical devices for underserved populations. To amplify awareness around D-Rev’s initiatives, we worked with the organization’s executives to craft strategic messaging accurately representing D-Rev’s identity and carried out a media outreach plan that secured the client coverage in top-tier publications.  We were inspired by D-Rev’s passion for mitigating health inequity through the design and deployment of affordable, intuitive medical technology. FHSF’s consumer practice intern, Charlotte, describes her experience working with D-Rev:

“I was particularly inspired by D-Rev’s intuitive and human-centric approach to technological design. I look forward to serving more organizations like D-Rev and sharing stories of those truly making a change in society.”

By serving D-Rev through the FH4Inclusion initiative, we saw first-hand how effective we can be as communications professionals. Through this project, we were able to act as agents of change by crafting stories that spotlight global health issues. We honed our ability to think critically and crafted thoughtful language that conveyed D-Rev’s global impact in a compelling and appropriate manner.

Michael, an intern from FHSF’s corporate practice, reflected on his experience:

“The intern project was a great first step toward becoming a socially conscious PR professional. Not only was I able to help run an account as a new-comer in the industry, but I also had the opportunity to use my talents to enact social change. There is great power in storytelling, it inspires readers to act and become cognizant of issues they never had to deal with personally. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to serving more organizations like D-Rev throughout my career.”

At FleishmanHillard, we are dedicated to driving social change and promoting inclusivity through our work. With programs such as FH4Inclusion, FleishmanHillard ensures that its team members feel empowered to positively impact society.


FleishmanHillard San Francisco interns and diversity fellows present their D-Rev project.

FleishmanHillard’s San Francisco interns present their FH4Inclusion initiative.