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COP26 Preview: Answering the call to action, or putting climate solutions on hold?

October 29, 2021

In the twenty-three months since COP25 concluded in Madrid, the climate crisis has become ever-present in our lives, with devastating floods, scorching heat waves, frightening fires, increased weather extremes, and evidence of the growing impact upon nature. Forces could align at COP26 in Glasgow to agree on tangible, game-changing solutions, or could leave the world […]

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The top 3 actions companies must adopt to take authentic action on diversity, equity and inclusion

October 28, 2021

Taking authentic action on DE&I There has never been a more important time for brands and businesses to take an honest look at how their actions either remove or reinforce barriers to equity, particularly standing up and championing minority voices and traditionally marginalized communities. From our Authenticity Gap research, it was clear that informed consumers […]

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FleishmanHillard Earns Top Honor at 2021 Global SABRE Awards: Wins PRovoke Global Agency of the Year

October 27, 2021

ST. LOUIS, October 27, 2021 — FleishmanHillard took the top prize at today’s 2021 Global SABRE Awards, being honored with the Global Agency of the Year award. The global public relations and marketing firm was recognized for outstanding business growth, successful client work and strong thought leadership led by innovative research and intelligence.

Presented by PRovoke Media, the 2021 Global Agency of the Year is selected based on an extensive research process involving over 500 submissions and virtual meetings with public relations agencies across North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

View the full list of award winners on the PRovoke Media site.


Budget 2021: Sunak buoyed by Budget forecasts

Sunak buoyed by an improving economic outlook Rishi Sunak delivered his Budget 2021 statement to a packed House of Commons claiming his stewardship of UK finances had delivered a stronger than anticipated economic recovery. This, he argued, allowed the Government to invest billions in public services and avoid significant tax rises. A confident and assured […]

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Green Trade Deals: The UK Must Use Free Trade Agreements to Fight Climate Change

October 26, 2021

With just over a week until the start of the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, the UK government will have been disappointed to see headlines touting the leaked civil service document stating that the signing of new free trade agreements (FTAs) should not be contingent on environmental measures being observed. Although this should come […]

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The paradox of communicating CSR: Warts and all

Many companies try to improve their image by communicating their involvement in socially responsible activities. This often arouses scepticism rather than achieving the intended goal. Greta Thunberg conveyed it most eloquently: “Blah, blah, blah”. In this series, we explore ways to successfully manage the predicament. Join us on Tuesday 16 November 2021 for a webinar […]

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Hydrogen: From the Headlines to Reality

October 25, 2021

Whether you are a climate enthusiast or have just been following the European energy news in the morning paper, chances are that you have heard of hydrogen. While it is not a new phenomenon and has long been deployed across a variety of sectors, lately hydrogen has become the new “it” gas of the energy […]

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Lessons on Reaching and Engaging with Diverse Audiences

October 22, 2021
By Fran Weems

Companies’ intentions around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) must go beyond statements. As change agents, communicators should push to ensure an organization’s words match their deeds. 

Further, we should learn how to partner with channels that give voice to the voiceless and spark dialogue around topics that can be uncomfortable. We must reach diverse audiences exactly where they are and tell stories that reflect their lived experiences. 

The following are considerations for organizations when connecting with diverse audiences across media relations, social influencer outreach and owned media channels: 

How Do You Engage​ with Diverse Media?​ 

  • Make it Relevant – Why should the audience care?: To be effective, clients must share news or story angles that best resonate with the communities they want to reach. Pitches should be hyperlocal. ​ 
  • Build Strong Relationships as a Trusted Source on DE&I Issues: Create meaningful relationships with owners/publishers, editors, producers and reporters so they know you are a trusted source for stories. Ensure your team also features members of the community with which you are hoping to engage.​ 
  • Focus on People or Human-Interest Stories Rather than Breaking News: This requires creative storytelling to pique interest. Develop angles that incorporate the personal experiences of the executives being showcased. Include data that quantifies the related issue facing the community. Ensure spokespeople and representatives match the audience of the outlet. ​ 
  • Communicate with Audiences In-Language: Offer robust, in-language content to underscore the company’s commitment, build trust, strengthen reputation, expand reach and enable your brand to stand out among competitors.​ 
  • Understand Cultural References and Tone of Audience:​ Tailor content to reach various demographics based on tone, cultural references and types of content (e.g., automotive, tech, healthcare).​ 

How Do You Authentically Reach Diverse Audiences? 

  • Engage Year-Long, Not Just During Heritage Months: Especially with the urgency today around racial equity, only reaching out for heritage month related stories will appear superficial and performative – because it likely is. A true commitment is an ongoing commitment.   ​ 
  • Invest Your Paid Content Budget in Diverse Media: Content partnerships, paid/sponsored programming and other engagements around DE&I beyond earned media can further demonstrate a company’s commitment to diverse communities. ​Investing in the media that represents a community shows a stronger, authentic level of commitment. 
  • Communications is a Two-Way Street – Be an Ally: Seek to understand and build relationships with communities that you aren’t a member of by becoming an ally to bring attention to the experiences of marginalized groups when their voices are not being heard. It’s an opportunity to listen more than you speak. To research and connect with members of specific communities and recognize what’s important to them. ​ 

Food Compass: What this Tool Means for Food and Beverage Communications

October 21, 2021

Last week, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University released their new nutrient profiling system – Food Compass – aimed at helping consumers, food companies, restaurants and more choose and produce healthier foods, and pressure officials to create better public nutrition policies to improve health. Created by some of the leading nutrition and food researchers, Food Compass is likely to not only influence healthcare professionals’ recommendations but extend to the choices consumers make and ultimately force food and beverage companies to be more thoughtful in their production and communications.  

Food Compass is meant to be a truly holistic nutrient profiling system. Others, such as the nutrition facts panel, front of pack marking of single nutrients – think disclaimers calling out products as low sodium – or even the UK’s traffic light system, all evaluate specific nutrients or processing standards. Food Compass takes a revolutionary approach and scores specific foods from one to 100 – one being unhealthiest; 100 as the healthiest – by measuring against health-relevant domains including nutrient composition, ingredients, additives, processing and more. This results in one of the most comprehensive food profiling systems in the world.   

What the Means for Food, Agriculture & Beverage Marketers:  

  • Develop Truly Healthy Foods: As consumers demand more transparency and better understanding of the foods they consume, tools like Food Compass remove much of the confusion and misunderstanding within the nutrition landscape. This means that food and beverage manufacturers and marketers must be extremely thoughtful in their nutrition communications – rooting the products’ messaging in the true benefits the products provide.  
  • Think Beyond Price: Food Compass takes a systematic approach to scoring the nutritional benefits of their products and doesn’t give extra points for products being organic, non-GMO or other benefits often associated with increased nutrition (and a higher price). Simple, cost-effective foods, like tuna salad made with light mayo score in the top third of products, which will hopefully help remove barriers to good nutrition by showing that healthy diets can be achieved at nearly every budget. Food Compass can be used as a tool to demonstrate the nutrition of products without needing extra labels and claims.   
  • Previously Maligned Products Have Support: Certain foods that are frequently criticized are ranked higher in Food Compass than one may expect. For example, certain cuts of pork and sausages are considered appropriate for moderate consumption by Food Compass standards. Many types of 100% fruit juices are ranked in the top tier as a tool to increase vitamin and mineral consumption. This could serve as a new tool in communicating why your product fits to target audiences.  

What is Missing from the Food Compass:  

While Food Compass is undeniably a more holistic analysis of the nutritional impact of food and beverages, there is one critical piece missing in the equation: food’s impact on the environment. According to research conducted by FleishmanHillard’s TRUE Global Intelligence practice, consumers now make food decisions based on what is nutritionally sound and what is good for the planet. As the world enters a pivotal time in the fight against climate change and the world’s population continues to grow, it is not enough to consider what is healthiest for yourself on an individual basis but also how your decisions affect the larger food system and health of the planet.  

As consumers now prioritize the health of the plant over their own personal health, using Food Compass – the most comprehensive nutrient profiling system to date – isn’t enough as food and beverage communicators. To truly breakthrough and resonate with target audiences in this space, a holistic communications strategy – that also includes the environmental impact – is needed.  


FleishmanHillard is PRWeek UK’s Large Consultancy of the Year!

FleishmanHillard UK has been crowned ‘Large Consultancy of the Year’ at the 2021 PRWeek UK Awards, beating stiff competition to take home the top prize. After our best year on record, in which we have also been awarded PRmoment’s ‘Large Agency of the Year’ and Creative Moment’s ‘Creative Agency of the Year’, we have […]

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