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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Be the most inclusive agency in the world. That’s our aim.

A focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is not new for us. It’s a value that’s intrinsic to who we are. And we’re moving it deeper into our center all the time. It’s a business priority and a communications imperative because we recognize that we’re uniquely positioned to help realize systemic equity — from the inside out.

graphic stating FleishmanHillard is a global communications agency

DE&I in our culture: Belonging. Respect. Empathy. For everyone.

We will combat bias. We will seek wisdom. And we will be intentional about using inclusivity to strengthen the bonds between us, grow our people and create space for them to thrive.

Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellowship

The next generation’s perspective is invaluable to building a more diverse tomorrow. So we’re starting today, offering real-world experience to students and graduates who are passionate about ethnic and cultural diversity.


Hearing the truth can be hard. But we do it. A lot. And we do it together, inviting our people networkwide to discuss today’s tough topics. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. But every time it brings us closer together and closer to living out the change that we want to see in the world.

Valuable 500

When we say everyone. We mean it. As a part of the Valuable 500, we’ve joined the only global CEO community dedicated to radically and positively transforming the business system for persons with disabilities. We’re all in on creating an even better workplace for those with a disability.

Remix Your Algorithm

Challenging assumptions and broadening our viewpoints curbs bias and encourages understanding. It unlocks new ways of thinking that can lead to powerful change. That’s what our Remix Your Algorithm initiative is all about. Breaking down barriers that hinder how much good we can do.

DE&I in our business: It’s essential to success for our clients, our partners and the work we all do.

For our clients, we will hold ourselves accountable as stewards of your business and social responsibility. We will meet you where you are in your DE&I journey, helping develop and advance your DE&I ambitions. For vendors and business partners, we will provide meaningful opportunities to those from all walks of life. Together, we can show the world what an effective, meaningful approach to DE&I in business looks like.

DE&I in our communities: We devote our time and talent to build a more inclusive world.

Through FH4Inclusion, our global pro bono and volunteer initiative, we will continue to join in the fight for inclusion — giving in the name of hope, love and opportunity worldwide.

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(As of December 12, 2023)