Remix Your Algorithm

Rethinking how we see the world

You receive hundreds of information bits each day — in various forms, from various people, through various channels. And you have a choice about what to do with that information. You can take it in or ignore it. You can open your mind to something new or reaffirm existing bias. We all process and handle cultural and social information differently because we all have a different algorithm. Algorithms can be good. But if we aren’t intentional about evaluating and shaping them, they can stifle our view of important issues, affect our ability to make choices and harden us against people.

The reality is, that no matter how habitual our information intake processes have become, we do have a choice. That’s why we’ve launched our Remix Your Algorithm initiative worldwide — to help everyone, reconfigure, rethink and reset how they see the world.

Remixing Together

Remix Your Algorithm was started in 2019 by a diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) team in our Sacramento office. It had such a positive impact at the local level that our agency’s leadership elevated the program across our network in 2020.

Remix Your Algorithm is a global DE&I initiative fueled by FH Perspectives, the driving force behind all things diversity, equity and inclusion at FleishmanHillard. It is designed to challenge all of us — colleagues, clients and communities — to broaden perspectives and break out of the biased echo chambers and feedback loops that reinforce the way we already think.

With this we want to elevate diverse perspectives and spark meaningful and nuanced conversations about the world and how we engage in it — with each other and through technology. If we can do that, then we will consider it a successful start to a much longer journey for positive global change.

When we challenge assumptions and broaden our point of view, we limit bias and encourage understanding. We unlock a new way of thinking that can lead to powerful innovation and change. If there are barriers in our mindset, there will also be barriers in what we can achieve and how much good we can do.

Remixing Your Algorithm Promotes Positivity
— Bringing diverse perspectives to the table helps us deliver stronger work and innovation for clients because the work is being influenced on a level that’s more reflective of real lived experiences.
— Opening your mind to the viewpoints and choices of others also helps drive an understanding for one another that builds camaraderie and encourages collaboration.

  • Hack Your Newsfeed

    Social accounts default to show you the most popular stories. Turn on the “most recent” setting to see a wider range of friends, pages and groups.

    Learn How Now

  • Branch Out

    By engaging with everything on social media and following accounts that you normally wouldn’t, you’ll get your algorithm to return more diverse points of view.

    Read More About Branching Out

  • Flex Your Sources

    Try out apps and websites that make it easy to see different POVs.

    Shake Things Up

  • Buddy Up

    Invite someone to remix. You can be sounding boards that help one another open up. Start by identifying areas of improvement and telling each other what they are.

    Take this quiz to assess your open mindedness

  • Find A Balance

    It’s good to stay up on what’s happening in the world, but sometimes you need a break from hard news. Mix up what you take in to help stay balanced, positive and open to different perspectives.

    Explore the Lighter Side of News

  • Learn Something New

    Try using a little of your free time to learn something new. There are all kinds of free trials and tutorials online to help you expand your horizons.

    See What’s Out There

  • Work it Out

    Even mixing up your workout can help you view things differently. Instead of running, do yoga. If fitness isn’t your thing, go for a quick walk. Whatever you do, just try something you haven’t done before.

    Find Free Workouts Here

We’re on a mission to be the most inclusive agency in the world

At FleishmanHillard, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s core to who we are and to our business, given that we help guide the communication strategies for some of the biggest companies in the world. With that in mind, Remix Your Algorithm is just one way we are challenging ourselves to rethink how we see the world, not just as an organization, but as a network of individuals that spans 80 offices in more than 30 countries.