Social media has a reputation for being an unpredictable factor during a crisis. And the truth is, an unexpected twist or turn always is a possibility when a company is in the midst of an issue. However, FH 2020 provides organizations with the confidence that allows them to prepare, anticipate, detect and mitigate crises in real time through a strategic combination of people, processes and technologies.


  • Trained digital analysts based in key markets across the globe
  • Local/regional/global support that can be set up within minutes and can scale to support any crisis


  • Consistent assessment to provide actionable intelligence
  • Social Media Forensics – anticipates thresholds, scenarios and outcomes


  • Partnerships with leading listening platforms and specialists
  • FH TrueIQ™ – Command center technology for persistent/global crises
  • Contingency content, situational sites and social media that can be deployed rapidly


What are the benefits of FH 2020?


Can be set up immediately in the
aftermath of an issue, providing
critical real-time data.

Provides consistency on a local,
regional or global scale.

Advanced planning allows all
the focus to be on the crisis (not
logistics, technical concerns, etc).

The network structure creates
inherent advantages regarding
coverage, language and cost.

Allows clients to anticipate and
identify situations before they
develop via always-on monitoring.


FH 2020 is a distributed network of trained counselors that has inherent coverage, language and cost advantages. Using the following elements, FH 2020 ensures consistency in assessing and managing crises:

Social Media Forensics

Using our process – Social Media Forensics – we analyze a vast collection of past situations and issues, which are stored in our global database. This analysis looks at how these incidents unfolded in social media, allowing us to highlight key inflection points, keystone content, influencers and the amplifying and mitigating factors around a broad spectrum of situations. Our team then applies those lessons to help clients better monitor and anticipate threats, assess crises, and identify the most effective mitigation and response strategies in real time.

Contingency Content

Formally called “dark sites,” digital channels can be built in a dark format, meaning these tools live in a state of readiness. When an issue occurs, key assets already are in place, and rapidly produced content such as situational graphics, statements and videos can be deployed across sites, social channels and – if the need arises – paid channels.

Make Big Data Small

Our system processes vast amounts of data, making big data small through analysis, appreciation and application, the result of which is easy-to-navigate executive dashboards and command centers.