What Is It?

Every program or initiative we develop is rooted in insights, which are discovered through research and analytics. To provide the right direction – the best route to success – we follow a proprietary strategic planning process called GPS: Goal. Perspective. Strategy. It is FleishmanHillard’s knowledge navigation and insight guidance system, which leads to the ideas that drive perception and behavior changes.

A GPS Workshop brings FleishmanHillard’s counselors together with an organization in a session that walks through the GPS process – and collaboratively creates the strategy for a company’s brand, product, issues and more.



GPS is how we reveal what people believe, think and feel about an organization – and identify ways to influence how they act.

A GPS Workshop yields a deep understanding of audiences and helps teams collaborate efficiently while developing brand positioning and a communications strategy. Through this process – in partnership with clients – we create a succinct strategic platform capable of focusing all message and engagement program activation.