Corporate Intelligence

  • Matt Gentile, global director of social media for Century 21 Real Estate, explains how the company implements a global social media strategy that has a local feel.Issue 12 // Digital & Social Media

  • Sara Fagen, partner at FleishmanHillard's specialty brand DDC, explains the importance of data and its impact on smart audience targeting.Issue 12 // Digital & Social Media

  • Scott Terry, production manager and Instagram director at ad shop DDB Chicago, discusses creating engaging content across platforms – and why there are "certain quirks" to each. All photos/videos courtesy of DDB Chicago.Issue 10 // Strategic Integration & Creativity

  • Patricia Martin Discusses Millennials

    Patricia Martin, CEO of marketing firm Litlamp and author of such books as RenGen: Renaissance Generation, weighs in on early adopters and the idea of "innovation fatigue."Issue 9 // Brand & Reputation

  • Avaya’s Andy Cunningham

    Silicon Valley Then and Now: Silicon Valley veteran and Avaya CMO Andy Cunningham compares the Valley of the '80s with the landscape now, including why it hardly costs anything to start a company today.Issue 8 // Digital & Social Media

  • Kroll and FleishmanHillard: Conversation on Cybersecurity

    Alan Brill, senior managing director at Kroll Inc., and Harry Frazier, senior partner at FleishmanHillard, discuss the landscape after Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase.Issue 7 // Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Josh Bernoff on Mobile

    Forrester's Josh Bernoff discusses his new book, The Mobile Mind Shift, and why companies find this technology even more challenging than the arrival of the Internet.Issue 6 // Digital & Social Media

  • Jim Stengel Discusses Ideals

    Jim Stengel, author of Grow and former P&G GMO, talks to TRUE about how ideals and mission are even more critical to corporate performance than when he wrote the book.Issue 5 // Brand & Reputation

  • Cadillac’s Melody Lee

    Melody Lee, Cadillac's global head of brand and reputation, is on a quest to make Cadillac not just a top luxury automotive brand but a top luxury brand, period. Issue 5 // Brand & Reputation

  • Visa’s Jennifer Kuperman on Olympic Involvement

    Visa’s Jennifer Kuperman discusses how the company saw its high-tech present and future in an update of a 30-year-old tagline that redefines "everywhere" from a place to an aspiration.Issue 4 // Strategic Integration & Creativity

  • Jeffrey Rayport on the Future of Marketing

    Jeffrey Rayport, the marketing expert who coined the term 'viral marketing' in the 1990s, sees a future in which CMOs may be czars of the technology spend.Issue 4 // Strategic Integration & Creativity

  • Scott Hagedorn on Data-Driven Marketing

    Big data isn’t just for big companies, Annalect’s Scott Hagedorn says. You’re ready for big data when you have a strategy for how to use it.Issue 3 // Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Philips’ A.J. Hesselink

    Arent Jan Hesselink, head of integrated marketing and communications at Philips Asia Pacific, discusses the company's unique brand-building campaign that relied on crowdsourcing to find out which social problems needed to be tackled next.Issue 2 // Digital & Social Media

  • Hyatt CMO John Wallis

    John Wallis discusses how corporate marketing is undergoing a metamorphosis as it adapts to the explosion in social media and data, and the development of new technology.Issue 1 // Brand & Reputation