Major League Baseball’s 2014 World Series had just ended. An MVP had been named. And Chevrolet had a chance to show off its tech-loaded 2015 Colorado pickup in a post-game presentation. Thanks to some nerves, though, the presentation veered off track slightly when the spokesperson stated, “The all-new 2015…Chevy Colorado provides class-leading, youknowuh…technology and stuff.”

Yes, technology and stuff. The phrase quickly gained momentum on social media – and Chevy quickly took “technology and stuff” and ran with it, creating a jumpstart for the Colorado. Chevy steered the online conversation, using the hashtag #TechnologyAndStuff to own things with humor and drive traffic to its website. It also moved up Colorado’s ad launch to feature #TechnologyAndStuff. And technology – a key factor in car and truck purchases – got a spontaneous white-hot spotlight in Chevy’s marketing message.

Over four days, almost 24,000 unique conversations claimed #TechnologyAndStuff, delivering 63 million impressions and trending stature. Online engagement jumped 300 percent, and page views increased seven-fold. Chevy also captured 70 percent of conversations around trucks and generated over $5 million in earned exposure. Plus, purchase interest increased three-fold.