Connecticut Tourism

Still Revolutionary

Connecticut was suffering an identity crisis — it didn’t have one. The state was hemorrhaging from its largest deficit ever, the worst credit rating of all 50 states and low levels of visitation. Did it really boil down to endless exits on I-95 on the way to Boston?

Connecticut needed to carve out a unique identity that would differentiate it from its New England neighbors, drive tourism and increase state pride. The state decided to go to its own 3.5 million residents to ask why they lived there, what they loved about their home and what they thought made Connecticut special. An army of ambassadors rose to the occasion — and a new brand was built for the people, by the people. By making them a part of the process, the state gave its residents an immediate stake in the outcome.

Data from countless surveys revealed Connecticut offers both residents and visitors the unique experience of inspiration. This insight led to the new brand, Still Revolutionary, a mantra that proudly celebrates Connecticut’s spirit of independence and innovation, which is as strong today as it was when the state was founded. In seven months, the new brand campaign and program activations drove $161 million in additional revenue, and increased awareness of Connecticut as a place to visit. The campaign blanketed the country with media coverage, with 500+ million impressions and 1,170+ placements across 45 states. Visitation at major attractions increased 7.8 percent, and the state’s revamped Facebook page catapulted from 5,000 “likes” to 100,000 in nine weeks.

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