My Healthy

A majority of Americans are either obese or overweight, according to numerous studies – so Eisai knew there’d be no shortage of people who can relate to the difficult process of losing weight. Yet, the pharmaceutical company wanted to shift the focus away from the struggle to shed pounds to a more uplifting goal of getting healthy. The result: My HealthyTM, an effort focused on spreading the notion that it’s about health gained, not just pounds lost.

The campaign was a combination of education – making people aware of the benefits of even modest weight loss – and a call to action encouraging them to take the important first step of speaking to their doctor. The program leveraged national and local media, subject-matter experts and social media, and included the launch of a website and online community. It included a national TV integration with “The Wendy Williams Show,” a satellite media tour, and celebrity-sponsored tweets by such stars as Ruben Studdard, Sara Rue and Sherri Shepard.

The efforts were designed to drive people to the website to take the My HealthyPromise™, where visitors could take the pledge and inspire others by sharing photos/videos. Four weeks after launching, the site had more than 24,000 visits, 1,100-plus My Healthy Promises, 350 photo/video uploads and 10.3 million people reached via Twitter.