Rallying an Industry and a New Generation of Innovators.

How can Emerson change perceptions of manufacturing and STEM careers to inspire a new generation of employees?  

Engineers are the heart of Emerson’s business. But with more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs available in the U.S. than workers to fill them, they’re becoming harder to find. In manufacturing alone, the National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte predict the U.S. will need to fill about 3.5 million jobs by 2025 — yet as many as 2 million may go unfilled because there aren’t enough people with the skills for the job.  

For the past five years, we’ve helped Emerson grow young science minds – driving future customers, investors and employees. But we knew that to impact the pending talent shortage in a meaningful way and strengthen the industry’s pipeline, we’d need to evolve public thinking on STEM careers — and manufacturing’s role in a technology-centered world. 

STEM superstars communicate with students and potential Emerson employees.  

To reach students and potential employees, Emerson needed to do more than speak their language — they needed credible, authentic voices to speak on their behalf. We partnered with self-proclaimed “science nerd” and influencer Hank Green to help share their STEM message on a national media tour, highlighting results from Emerson’s original survey surrounding STEM perceptions.  

The STEM survey found newsworthy insights, like that most people consider STEM fields too difficult to pursue or they don’t have a strong understanding of their career options. Emerson and Hank created original content showcasing the paths STEM makes possible, featuring the videos on a dedicated hub.  

Strengthened momentum for much-needed STEM career seekers 

Emerson has been able to reach more students as well as prospective and even current employees with its critical message — that manufacturing is a robust STEM option for career seekers — while the We Love STEM program gains momentum each year. During the national media tour, Hank Green spoke with 24 large regional and national media outlets, securing 68 million media impressions, as he offered tips and insights on engaging children around STEM.  

Emerson’s dedicated We Love STEM hub saw a 521% spike in traffic as more people sought out STEM and the opportunities that Emerson offers.