Hyatt Regency

Road Warrior 2.0

Hyatt Regency: Road Warrior 2.0

Catering to modern business travelers, Hyatt Place was the hotel chain’s select service brand. But the company was struggling to generate excitement around the program and communicate its value.

Hyatt enlisted the help of FleishmanHillard, and the result was “Road Warrior 2.0,” a fully integrated campaign that gave business travelers the chance to redefine the modern-day road warrior. The campaign generated national print and broadcast coverage, but most remarkable was how it leveraged social media.

Weekly revenue to Hyatt Place properties driven from Facebook increased 30 percent during the campaign, and average weekly bookings to Hyatt Place properties driven from Facebook increased 23.46 percent. Plus, total reservations spiked 8.5 percent year over year. Road Warrior 2.0 is one of Hyatt Place’s most successful communications campaigns, and PR was the only marketing effort employed.

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