Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card (Chase Partner Cards)

One Man’s Story Inspires Millions to Travel “Boundlessly.”

Jesse Billauer/Instagram

How can the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card secure lifestyle media without having any news to share?

Chase Partner Cards asked us to help them secure more in-depth earned coverage in lifestyle media to help promote the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card and bring its purpose — inspiring and empowering travel that moves you — to life. As credit cards are a low-interest, overcrowded category and have little differentiation among competitors, Chase needed to share some big news to accomplish their goal. But they didn’t have any. It was up to us to help develop a story to earn them the exposure they were after.

Passion Knows No Limits.

We knew that our target audience desired more meaningful travel experiences — those that make memories and stories. So, we brought that desire to life by spotlighting the moving story of Jesse Billauer, a world champion quadriplegic surfer and “Life Rolls On” nonprofit founder, whose love for life and passion for adventure made him determined to travel boundlessly. To create the content, we convinced Travel + Leisure (T+L) that Jesse’s story would make a great follow-up to their recent article on wheelchair accessible Machu Picchu tours. Then we facilitated and documented a five-day trip to Peru for Jesse, his father, a travel writer, a T+L videographer and our client. They explored local markets, hand-biked the countryside and hiked Machu Picchu — yes, even Jesse.

A Boundless Attitude Achieves Boundless Results.

The trip culminated in a detailed online story and video featuring Chase credit cards and Marriott properties. The content positioned the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card as a catalyst to making any travel intention a reality —it inspired and empowered travel that moves you. The story and video were picked up by Yahoo, MSN and local news outlets leading to seemingly “boundless” impressions — 354 million and growing. Social amplification during and post trip garnered an additional 186,803 video views and 11,688 social engagements. As a result of the story’s success, the team pitched it to broadcast outlets, extending its life and reaching a broader audience with this emotional, boundless narrative.