National Mango Board


Mangos were enjoying good sales but showed room for improvement. While they had an exotic, tropical appeal to consumers, this perception created a barrier to be overcome. The National Mango Board looked closely at the success of the avocado — another “exotic” fruit — and determined a new approach to earn a wider role in the American kitchen.

The solution? Encourage people to not only open their minds but to “Mangover” their meals. Clinton Kelly, celebrity makeover phenom, led the quest to make everyday dishes a bit more exciting with mangos. The 12-month campaign – designed to make mangos relevant to any dish – included national media placements, social media messaging, blogger outreach and a 17-city tour.

The word was out and households responded. The Mangover campaign earned more than 1.7 billion impressions, Facebook engagement was up 96 percent, and website traffic jumped 67 percent.