What the Hack?

Udi’s: What the Hack?

As the popularity of gluten-free foods expanded beyond its core audience, Udi’s, a long-time producer of gluten-free food, was now up against the food industry’s heavy hitters, who were looking for their share of the growing gluten-free market.

To compete with big brands and encourage new audiences to try gluten-free products, Udi’s tapped into an underground trend – hacks – to appeal to the DIY nature of gluten-free cooking. Through “What the Hack?,” Udi’s developed an innovative set of original recipes to go viral via social media, garner media coverage and drive website traffic.

The results? Udi’s “hack” recipes took off, resulting in an 828 percent increase in Pinterest clicks, 22 percent increase in website traffic and 75 million media impressions. But most important, sales of Udi’s products were up 29 percent following the program.